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Gear Review: Sigma FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lenses

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The Sigma FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lenses are a fantastic choice for professional videographers looking for high-quality, versatile lenses. Sanchez Media own a kit of seven Sigma FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lenses. These lenses are designed specifically for full-frame cameras and feature a fast aperture of T1.5, making them ideal for low-light situations and shallow depth-of-field shots.

One of the standout features of these lenses is their build quality. They are constructed with a durable metal body and feature a smooth, precise focus and aperture ring. The lenses are also lightweight, making them easy to use and handle, even on long shoots.

The image quality produced by these lenses is excellent. The T1.5 aperture allows for a beautiful bokeh and the colors and contrast are very pleasing. The sharpness of the lenses is also excellent, even when shooting wide open.

The Sigma FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lenses are also very versatile. They are available in a range of focal lengths, from 14mm to 135mm, and provide a great range of options for different types of shots. Additionally, they are compatible with a variety of cameras and mounts, including PL mount cameras, Sony E, Canon EF, and Nikon F mounts.

One minor downside of these lenses is the price. They are relatively expensive compared to other cine lenses on the market, but the quality of the lenses justifies the cost.

Overall, the Sigma FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lenses are an excellent choice for professional videographers. They offer high-quality, versatile lenses with excellent image quality, build quality, and a fast aperture. If you're in the market for a set of cine prime lenses and are willing to invest in a high-quality set, these lenses are definitely worth considering.

The Sigma FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lenses were recently used on the blockbuster film "Top Gun Maverick" to great effect. The movie was directed by Joseph Kosinski and was shot using the Sony CineAlta VENICE camera. The fast aperture of T1.5 on these lenses allowed for beautiful shallow depth-of-field shots and stunning bokeh, which helped to elevate the film's high-octane action scenes.

One of the key advantages of using these lenses on the film was their versatility. The range of focal lengths available allowed the film's cinematographer, Claudio Miranda, to capture a wide variety of shots, from tight close-ups to wide landscape shots. The lenses also performed well in low-light situations, allowing the filmmakers to capture stunning night time shots of fighter jets in action.

The build quality of the lenses also played a big role in their success on the film. The durable metal body and smooth focus and aperture rings allowed the camera crew to easily and quickly make adjustments on set, which was crucial for capturing the fast-paced action.

Overall, the Sigma FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lenses proved to be a valuable asset on the set of "Top Gun Maverick" due to their versatility, fast aperture, and build quality. The stunning visual effects in the movie were largely due to the use of these lenses, and it's clear that the filmmakers were very pleased with the results.

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